The Indiana Homeowner Assistance Fund (IHAF) has closed its application portal to new applications. Applications can no longer be completed or submitted. Applications that were completed and submitted on or after 10/21/23 are being reviewed in the order in which they were received. Any future program awards are subject to the availability of funding. If you have already applied, you may check the status of your application. If you have already received notice of funding, your assistance will not be impacted.


Blight Elimination Program

The State of Indiana, through Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA), is using a portion of Indiana’s Hardest Hit Funds to demolish blighted and abandoned homes that are beyond repair. The goal is not simply to demolish abandoned homes, but to stabilize property values in Indiana communities. The partnership between IHCDA and Indiana municipalities allows communities to demolish blighted properties and offer a variety of end uses for the newly cleared properties, including green space and redevelopment.

Since IHCDA’s announcement that it was exploring the use of Hardest Hit Funds to eliminate blighted and abandoned properties, many have expressed concern that doing so might detract from the mission of helping struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure. IHCDA would like to reassure the public that it is committed to using the majority of Hardest Hit Funds to help individual homeowners in need. We’ve provided approximately $170 million to Hoosiers in 92 counties. The Blight Elimination Program was permanently closed to new applicants as of May 2018.

Marion Indiana: On the Rebound (BEP Success Story)

Marion, like many other small cities in Indiana, was built up by the manufacturing industry, had many jobs and loved basketball. Sadly, the industry left the city, and Marion has been struggling to grow ever since. Many people left Marion, looking for work. Their houses fell into blight and disrepair. Crime and drugs festered in the wounds created by the lack of jobs. However, in recent years, Marion has gained a new tool to aid in the battle against blight: the Blight Elimination Program.

With funds through the Blight Elimination Program, Marion has demolished over 75 houses that have been detrimental to the city, primarily in the downtown area. They accomplished this on their relatively small budget through a remarkably efficient demolition system and team. They recycled their remaining funds to tear down more buildings than originally projected. Through their hard work, Marion has begun the arduous task of revitalizing their downtown and becoming a place where people desire to live.

This video, filmed and produced by Good Aim Communications, provides an overview of Marion’s story, with a focus on the Blight Elimination Program efforts in Marion.

Indiana's Hardest Hit Fund - Blight Elimination Program Notices and Resources

The IHCDA Asset Preservation Department has obtained authority to undertake a statewide Blight Elimination Program using a portion of Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund allocation. Please see the Notices and Resources below for details and guidance concerning the implementation of the Blight Elimination Program.

BEP Staff

Kevin B. Reeves, Compliance Analyst
W: 317-234-7147

For media inquiries, please contact:
Brad Meadows, IHCDA
W: 317-234-1745

2020 Program Forms & Documents

Program Partner Agreement (for new 2020 Program Partners)

2020 BEP Waiver Form & Waiver Form Instructions (see Notice 19-116)

2020 Site Evaluation Matrix & SEM Documents Checklist (see Notice 19-116)

BEP JotForm Submission Guidance

Greening Claims Form ("Greening Form") (see Notice 18-102 & 18-107)

2020 Claims Closing Form ("Closeout Form") (see Notice 18-111)

Claims Guidesheet & Claims Summary Spreadsheet

2020 BEP Progress Report Form ("Quarterly Reporting Form") (see Notice 19-118)

Notice of Public Hearing - 2020 Publication Form (see Notice 19-120)

Sidewalk/Curb Verification Form (see Notice 20-122)

The following documents are available to Recipients by email request:

  • HHF-BEP Mortgage (Rev 9/17)
  • HHF-BEP Promissory Note (Rev 9/17)
  • HHF-BEP Demand Note (Rev 9/17)
  • 2020 BEP Technical Specifications
  • 2020 BEP Bid Package
  • Maintenance Reinstatement - Surplus Allocation Request

Current Public Notices & Program Guidance

Blight Elimination Program Notice 20-122 (Repair/Replace Sidewalks/Curbs with Maintenance Funds)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 20-121 (Asbestos Licensing Requirements)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 19-120 (Amendment to BEP Notice 14-12: BEP Notice & Hearing Requirements) & Publication Form

Blight Elimination Program Notice 19-119 (Bidding Notice & Hearing: Amendment to BEP Notice 18-101 & 18-106)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 19-118 (2020 Progress Reporting)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 19-117 (Amendment to BEP Notice 17-89): Indiana Landmarks Review & Appeals Process

Blight Elimination Program Notice 19-116 (Waiver Moratorium Lifted - Amended Waiver Policies)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 18-111 (Amendment to BEP Notice 16-56: Release of the Amended Claims Closing Form)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 18-110 (Release of Amended BEP Waiver Form & Site Evaluation Matrix for 2019)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 18-108 (Amendment to BEP Notice 15-43: BEP Audit Procedures and Requirements)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 18-107 (Amendment to BEP Notice 18-99: Certification of Clean Fill Material)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 18-106 (Amendment to BEP Notice 18-101: Bidding, Demolition, & Sample Demolition Observation Procedures)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 18-102 (Amended Greening Form & Open Hole Inspection Requirement)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-95 (Maintenance & Admin Claims)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-94 (Amended Administrative Operations Protocols)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-90 (CFDA # & Federal Reporting)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-88 (Photo Documentation for BEP Properties)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-87 (Property Qualifications – Manufactured Homes)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-83 (Maintenance Fees)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-82 (Bidding)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 17-79 (Requirement to Submit Complete Common Address)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 16-58 (SIGTARP Request)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 16-50 (Property qualifications)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 15-46 (Mortgage releases)

Blight Elimination Program Notice 15-42 (Property maintenance and administrative fees)

More information on Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund

The U.S. Department of the Treasury established the Housing Finance Agency Innovation Fund for the Hardest-Hit Markets (Hardest Hit Fund) to provide financial assistance to families in the states most impacted by the downturn of the housing market. The U.S. Department of the Treasury designed the overall program to give each participating state the flexibility to tailor its program to the unique factors contributing to its state’s foreclosure problems. The Hardest Hit Fund is a national program available in 18 states and the District of Columbia. Indiana was awarded more than $221 million under the Hardest Hit Fund and is targeting low- to moderate-income homeowners whose primary residence is in any county in Indiana. For more information on Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund, visit