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What to Expect

We encourage you to apply as soon as you experience — or anticipate experiencing — a hardship that may impact your ability to pay the mortgage.

To apply for the Hardest Hit Fund Program (HHF), first create an online profile and one of our counselors will contact you (View list of participating counseling agencies). Don’t worry if you’re already working with a housing counseling agency. Simply select the agency name from the menu. Once you’ve completed the online profile, you’ll need to fill out the four-step online application.

Online application process:

  1. Basic homeowner information
  2. Property & lender information
  3. Financial information
  4. Hardship letter

It’s important to complete all of these steps. The more accurate information you share with us, the faster we can assist you.

Within a few business days of starting an application, one of our counselors will contact you (view the list of counselors). The counselor will help you finalize your application and determine your eligibility for the HHF and/or other programs.

Below is a list of documents that you will need to provide to your housing cunselor. The quicker you can provide these documents, the sooner we can determine your eligibility.

  • Any correspondence from your mortgage company or its attorney
  • Most recent recorded mortgage
  • Most recent mortgage statement
  • Most recent bills and statements for all expenses
  • Copy of unemployment eligibility and explanation of benefit or a print out of unemployment insurance homepage (if applicable)
  • Last 30 days of pay stubs for all employment and income sources
  • Documentation of any other public benefits such as SSI
  • Last two months of all bank statements
  • Previous year’s tax returns and W-2/1099(s)
  • Credit report for homeowner and co-homeowner