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Your home is important.

It’s where your most precious memories are made.

If you’re an Indiana homeowner who’s fallen behind on your mortgage payments or is unable to make future payments due to an involuntary financial hardship, we want to help you stay in your home.

Our federally funded program provides assistance up to 6 months or $30,000. Learn more about this free program.

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Need to file for unemployment? Learn more about Indiana’s Federal Stimulus Package via the Department of Workforce Development’s video, UI Provisions in CARES Act. In this video DWD agency leaders discuss the CARES Act, answer frequently asked questions, go through Uplink and explain some of the layoff issues you've been experiencing on your claim.
We’ve provided more than $170 million to over 10,500 Hoosiers in 92 counties.

Richmond will pass 200-home milestone before Blight Elimination Program ends

RICHMOND, Ind. — Five years ago, city officials put the word out that they were looking for dilapidated homes to buy and tear down as part of a new blight elimination program being offered by the state.

The initial hope was to gather 70-plus properties that could be included in an application to be sent to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. Instead, they ended up with 82 and won what would turn out to be the first of three rounds of funding.

In the years since, there's been no problem in finding willing property owners who were eager to have the city help them get rid of a rundown house they couldn't afford to fix up.

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Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund assists 10,000th homeowner

The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA) today announced that the 10,000th homeowner has been assisted through Indiana's Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) offered through their Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN). Starting in 2011, the Indiana HHF program helps Hoosiers facing foreclosure remain in their homes.

LaCasa, Inc. success story featured in 2016 Congressional Report

We would like to congratulate LaCasa, Inc. for being Indiana’s featured success story in the 2016 National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program’s Congressional Report! Thanks to their efforts (and the many Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network agencies across the state), over 7,400 Hoosiers in 91 of 92 counties have received more than $104 million in Hardest Hit Fund assistance.

The success story involves Scott M., a homeowner from Middlebury, Ind. Miller had fallen behind in his mortgage due to his father’s illness, his mother’s devastating car accident, and his own divorce. He had tried to have his loan modified, but due to a clerical error, he began receiving foreclosure notices.

“I thought I was going down for the count,” Miller said.

He heard about LaCasa, located in Goshen, Ind., and contacted the agency for foreclosure prevention assistance. LaCasa noticed the error and worked tirelessly with a local attorney for two years to get the error resolved. In February 2016, the issue was finally resolved. Thanks to the hard work from LaCasa and the local attorney, Scott Miller and his family has been able to keep their home.

“They never gave up,” Scott said, “so neither did I!”

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