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Mark H. | Evansville, IN

Mark H. had everything that anyone could ever want: a family, children, a house and his own construction business. Things seemed to be perfect for Mark, but then everything fell apart.

Mark was divorced during 2011, and in 2012 he lost his business. After reopening his business, he was tragically crushed in a forklift accident. The doctors told him that he would never walk again. Then, in 2015, he suffered a near-fatal heart attack.

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Jacqueline S. | Indianapolis, IN

Jacqueline S., an Army veteran, has lived in her three-bedroom, ranch-style home for nearly 30 years.  It’s where she raised her children and it continues to be the center for countless family memories.  So you can imagine how she felt when she lost her job as a unit secretary and faced the uncertainty of how she would continue making her mortgage payments.

Although she worked a seasonal job and received unemployment, Jacqueline struggled to find full-time employment. However, her faith and determination allowed her to continue living in her home despite serious financial trouble that lasted several years.

One day, as Jacqueline was on her knees praying, she received a phone call from a friend who told her about Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund (HHF). Jacqueline called the HHF Help Line, and was connected with the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, an Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network partner, to help her through the application process.

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Renee Walton-Jenkins | Merrillville, IN

Have you ever had your dreams crumble in your hands? Renee Walton-Jenkins knows that feeling all too well.

As a hardworking mother of three, Renee had finally closed in on her dreams. She had her family, a good education, a good job and a house that was recently constructed for her in Merrillville, IN.

However, her dreams suddenly came crashing down as she lost all three of her job contracts due to spending cuts. Renee was faced with no income and the possibility of losing her family’s home.

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Joseph Meadows | Corydon, IN

In January 2013, Joseph Meadows was involved in a tree-cutting accident. The injuries he sustained were so significant that he was unable to work. Medical bills piled up from the accident, and without a steady income, he struggled to pay his mortgage.

Joseph applied for Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund mortgage payment assistance at the Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati, Inc., an agency that helps southeastern Indiana homeowners. He was approved for Hardest Hit Fund assistance in August 2013, and was able to keep his home.

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Stephen L. & Helen O. Bennett | Indianapolis, IN

When our lender denied us and stated that we didn’t qualify for the “Making Home Affordable Program”, we were at a total loss of how we could salvage our credit and we both had come to the conclusion there was nothing we could do. In October 2010, we contacted your organization (CAGI) and scheduled our first meeting. Once we got to the meeting we realized we were not alone. There were several couples and individuals facing the same dilemma because of loss of jobs, lack of income, etc. Our situation was caused by downsizing, lack of income and then underemployment.

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Lisa Baker | Indianapolis, IN

Lisa Baker of Indianapolis had been trying to navigate the loss mitigation department of her lender for months. Unemployment and underemployment had left her behind on her mortgage and unable to meet her monthly payments. She contacted the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network for assistance and was paired with the Community Action of Greater Indianapolis, Inc. (CAGI), an IFPN Network Agency.

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The Heichelbech Family | Jasper, IN

The Heichelbechs have struggled to make their mortgage payment since a medical condition left Kerry Heichelbech unable to work in late 2007. Despite efforts to obtain a modification to their payment schedule on their own, the Heichelbechs remained unsuccessful in getting their mortgage company to cooperate. Facing mounting bills, Kerry and Susan went to Tri-Cap, an IFPN Network Agency in Jasper, IN, to apply for energy assistance. Upon hearing about their situation, Tri-Cap referred the Heichelbechs to its homeowner program where a foreclosure prevention specialist worked with them to determine the best option. The foreclosure prevention specialist determined that the Heichelbechs qualified for a modification through the Making Home Affordable program.

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DeAngela & Derek Boyan | La Porte, IN

DeAngela and Derek Boyan bought their first home in early 2006. The couple were comfortable making their monthly payments, but were surprised the following year when the property taxes more than doubled because the mortgage and homestead exemptions were not filed. The Boyans, who both have well established careers working for the State of Indiana, saw their monthly payments increase nearly $600 a month and the former Marine and his wife were unprepared to handle the large increase in monthly payments. When they fell behind on their mortgage, the Boyans contacted the mortgage company and had the tax problem corrected. However, the mortgage company still required the Boyans to make up for the delinquency from the payments they missed. They entered into a payment plan, but it was beyond their budget. The mortgage company was unwilling to modify the loan or reduce their payment.


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