The Indiana Homeowner Assistance Fund (IHAF) has closed its application portal to new applications. Applications can no longer be completed or submitted. Applications that were completed and submitted on or after 10/21/23 are being reviewed in the order in which they were received. Any future program awards are subject to the availability of funding. If you have already applied, you may check the status of your application. If you have already received notice of funding, your assistance will not be impacted.


3 Questions Before You Apply

What others are saying

Since 2007, IFPN has helped approximately 10,000 homeowners. Hear what others—from homeowners facing foreclosure to elected officials—have to say about IFPN and its HHF program. Check out homeowner testimonials, radio and TV commercials with support from local government leaders, as well as a heartfelt letter from Former Lieutenant Governor Becky Skillman.


The IFPN and its HHF program help homeowners by providing financial counseling and mortgage payment assistance of up to $30,000 to qualified applicants. Learn through real-life testimonials how these programs have helped individuals and families. Read how a family of six facing foreclosure due to unemployment was able to save their home through the HHF program, and how former marine Derick Boyan and his wife were able to keep their home when their monthly house payment increased by $600 per month.

Build your own success story today. Apply online or call us at 877-GET-HOPE (877-438-4673).

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What is the Program?

The IFPN was developed by a coalition of community organizations, housing-related agencies, government agencies, lenders and banks, to assist Indiana homeowners who are struggling with—or who are at risk of—mortgage delinquency and foreclosure.

We provide free and confidential mortgage payment assistance of up to $30,000 to qualifying applicants and foreclosure prevention counseling to any Indiana homeowner who needs it. By clicking on the “Apply Now” button above or calling 1-877-GET-HOPE (877-438-4673), you will connect with a counselor who can help you with your mortgage lender.

Our services:

Mortgage payment assistance

The IFPN can assist approved homeowners who are unable to make their payments or cannot get caught up on their payments due to a current or previous period of unemployment. This help for qualified homeowners is made possible through the Hardest Hit Fund. Indiana’s Hardest Hit Fund offers zero-interest loans of up to $30,000 to pay your mortgage while you search for new employment. The loan may also be used to bring your mortgage payments current. Apply now

For more information:

Legal services

Along with counseling, the IFPN also provides access to legal services for some qualified homeowners, as well as assistance if you are already in foreclosure. If you have received a notice of foreclosure in the mail or from your lender, call 1-877-GET-HOPE (877-438-4673) or click “apply now” now.

Foreclosure counseling works. One study has shown that homeowners who work with housing counselors are 60% more likely to save their home than homeowners who go it alone!*

Lender dispute resolution

In Indiana, you have the right to meet face to face with your lender to try to resolve the mortgage dispute before the foreclosure may proceed., but homeowners must request this opportunity with the court. The IFPN can assist homeowners through this process. For more information on settlement conferences, call 1-877-GET-HOPE (877-438-4673), or visit the Indiana Supreme Court’s website.

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Is This for Me?

You may be eligible for the Hardest Hit Fund program (HHF) if you are:

  • An Indiana homeowner, owning only one home and currently living in that home;
  • Have experienced a  loss of income due to unemployment through no fault of your own;
  • Are an unemployment insurance recipient or former unemployment recipient (within the past 12 months) who is now re-employed;
  • Meet certain income guidelines;
  • Are willing to participate in approved training, education or volunteer work while receiving HHF assistance.

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Other foreclosure prevention assistance may be available for applicants who do not meet these qualifications. Please complete the application and someone will contact you.

More than 67 percent of those who complete the HHF application process are approved.

The good news:

  • More than 67 percent of those who complete the HHF application process are approved.
  • Those who consulted with a housing counselor and received a loan modification from their lenders reduced their monthly payments on average $176 more than those who did not receive counseling.
  • All of these services are free of charge.

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What Will I need to Do and Why?

To apply for the Hardest Hit Fund Program (HHF), first create an online profile and one of our counselors will contact you. Don’t worry if you’re already working with a housing counseling agency. Simply select the agency name from the menu below. Once you’ve completed the online profile, you’ll need to fill out the seven-step online application.

While it’s not mandatory to complete all of these steps, the more information you share with us, the faster and more accurately we can assist you. The first four steps will register you in our system and connect you with a housing counseling agency, while the remaining three steps contain critical information for us to be able to help you.

Online application process:

  1. Step 1: Homeowner information
  2. Step 2: Contact information
  3. Step 3: Property information
  4. Step 4: Lender information
  5. Step 5: Financial worksheet
  6. Step 6: Hardship letter
  7. Step 7: Other required documents

The online application process allows us to match you with the proper counseling agency. The counselor will review your information and determine your eligibility for the HHF and/or other programs.

Required volunteering, training or education

A requirement of the program is that you participate in approved volunteer work, training or education. Learn more about the guidelines below. If you have questions, please contact us at 877-GET-HOPE (877-438-4673).


If you choose the volunteering option, your information will be forwarded to your local Hoosier Corps, the HHF volunteer service program, regional administrator who will contact you to match your skills, abilities and interests with volunteer opportunities at non-profit organizations in your community. You will be required to volunteer 20 hours per month while receiving HHF benefits.

“In my opinion, after the past few months of the program, I can tell you I believe it is at the heart of what our nation is in desperate need of: slowing down, taking a step back, looking around you and giving even just a small amount of time to help those in need. I can tell you that it has changed me forever, and I can 100% guarantee that it has been 1,000 times more rewarding than ANY bonus check, ANY pay raise or ANY promotion. It WILL change your life and your heart for the better, and that's a guarantee. One-by-one, we have an opportunity to save, provide smiles and give hope.”

- David H, Region 2 Hoosier Corps volunteer at LoveWay, Inc.

For more information on Hoosier Corps, contact

*If you are working part time, you do not have to participate in the volunteer program.


If you choose the education or training option, below are the approved training/education guidelines.

  1. Progress made toward an Individual Training Account approved certification/degree.
  2. Progress made towards educational programs accessible through accredited institutions that are eligible to receive payments on behalf of students under the Free Application for Federal Student Aid; this would include two-year and four-year degree programs. Information on FAFSA eligible degrees may be found at
  3. Progress made toward an approved certification per the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. A list of these is found at
  4. Progress made toward licensure approved by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. A list of these is found at
  5. Progress made toward Indiana Trade Adjustment Assistance Certifications. A list of these is found at
  6. Progress made toward other job training/education that does not meet one of these criteria, must be approved in writing by HHF staff. This request (from HHF Specialist to the Underwriter) must include a detailed explanation of the training/education and also must include a statement that the Specialist verified that it did not fit into any of the four above-listed categories of accepted training/education. Approval in these cases is at the discretion of HHF staff.

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