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Taking Steps to Invest in Your Future

Indiana has always been a great place to experience the American dream of homeownership. Like all Americans, Hoosiers have been feeling the effects of the national housing crisis, and their dreams are being threatened by the devastating impact of mortgage foreclosures.

The causes of foreclosure are as varied as the people it impacts. Unexpected job losses, health care costs and family changes such as death or divorce are the leading causes of mortgage default in Indiana.

Foreclosure is devastating to families and their long-term financial security, but it also sends a ripple effect through entire neighborhoods and communities. Because the threat of foreclosure affects us all, we all benefit from taking steps to combat the problem.

Since 2007, Indiana has been actively addressing the problem of foreclosure through a comprehensive initiative to assist Hoosiers who are in danger of losing their homes. The Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Initiative was developed through a coalition of community service and housing-related organizations, government agencies, lenders, realtors, and trade associations known as the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network (IFPN) and is actively addressing Indiana’s foreclosure crisis through a variety of methods.

Through this unique partnership of the public, private and nonprofit sectors, the toll-free helpline, 1-877-GET-HOPE and www.877gethope.org were established and in 2010 alone assisted over 28,000 troubled Indiana borrowers. For anyone who may be at risk of foreclosure, you are not alone; the helpline provides free, confidential financial counseling with no obligation or commitment. In addition to the helpline, this website has given Hoosiers the opportunity to go through online workshops to better understand the foreclosure process and ensure homeowners are aware of all resources that are available to those facing foreclosure.

Getting help – and getting it early – is critically important. The sooner homeowners recognize they may be at risk and seek help, the more options they have to avoid foreclosure.

It’s your home. It’s your dream. Take the opportunity to explore this site and see what options exist to help you save both your dream and investment in your future.