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LaCasa, Inc. success story featured in 2016 Congressional Report

We would like to congratulate LaCasa, Inc. for being Indiana’s featured success story in the 2016 National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program’s Congressional Report! Thanks to their efforts (and the many Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network agencies across the state), over 7,400 Hoosiers in 91 of 92 counties have received more than $104 million in Hardest Hit Fund assistance.

The success story involves Scott M., a homeowner from Middlebury, Ind. Miller had fallen behind in his mortgage due to his father’s illness, his mother’s devastating car accident, and his own divorce. He had tried to have his loan modified, but due to a clerical error, he began receiving foreclosure notices.

“I thought I was going down for the count,” Miller said.

He heard about LaCasa, located in Goshen, Ind., and contacted the agency for foreclosure prevention assistance. LaCasa noticed the error and worked tirelessly with a local attorney for two years to get the error resolved. In February 2016, the issue was finally resolved. Thanks to the hard work from LaCasa and the local attorney, Scott Miller and his family has been able to keep their home.

“They never gave up,” Scott said, “so neither did I!”

Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/2dOpD3M