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Community Groups

  • Informational video: A short, 3-minute video featuring Indiana pastors, designed to educate you and your congregation about HHF. And, while it’s meant to be shared with your congregation before Sunday services, it will also be a great resource to educate church leadership. This video helps everyone understand that it’s OK to ask for help, and that real help is available.

    To download this video, please fill out the form to request access.

  • Helpful contacts: A contact sheet with the names and addresses of local agencies that administer HHF. These are the agencies that can come to your church to provide seminars for church and local community members who are interested.

    Download: Local-Contact-Agencies-by-County.pdf
  • Seminar poster: A customizable poster to drive church and community members to informational seminars that local counselors will gladly host at your church. These seminars will educate those who are struggling and help them discover if this program might be right for them. To request a seminar, simply call a local agency from the contact sheet provided.

  • Promotional text: Written copy for you to include in your church’s bulletin, newsletter and on your website to help spread the word about the program.

  • Fact poster: An informational fact poster regarding the program.

    Download: Hardest Hit Fund Fact Poster.pdf